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The development agency in such a scenario, and is an enabling rather than a delivery agency. It neither directs, nor delivers, mainly facilitates. It may demonstrate new ideas, promote new approaches, mobilize the community, experiment jointly with the community, demystify concepts and technologies, mediate to bring about collaboration within and outside the community, and impart skills and foster conditions for reflection and learning.

It is working for the last 15 year, Ankur Welfare Association Gagret is registered under the Societies Act-1860, vide registration no 15/94 at Una (HP). It is mainly working in the field of Rural Development, Soil and conservation, women empowerment and community health improvement in specific through collaboration with Government and private agencies.

The main objective is to contribute to poverty alleviation programs through communities’ participation. The key strategy is in this collaborative approach is to mobilize community participation; building leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Since the gravity of poverty alleviation tasks are enormous and government was found not to be in a position to address it very effectively, Ankur Welfare Association GAGRET with its limited resources preferred to deal with it in following manners. : Directly working with community .Collaboration with the Government. Collaboration with resource (like KVK) and HEALTH institutions. Support to other local organizations.

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Who we are

“Ankur” is a welfare organization registered under Societies Act-1860 in the year 1994 with a dream to work for the ‘upliftment of women and children through health and education”.
And since its inception it has undertaken various activities for the development of Environment & Women and Child. Basically, it is an implementing agency providing services to the various stake holders but is also working for the legal and reproductive right for the women. During the year 2018-19, the organization has made tremendous growth in the term of work and finance. During this period, it has not only able to continue its good progress in the existing projects but has added more program. The approval to the Pollution Abetting plant plantation (PAPA), Luminous fitness for All, has added new dimension in the community base activities of the organization

Aim and Objectives

  • To promote social and economic status of the people especially development of child through education.
  • To serve the rural and weaker sections of the society by providing education, training and proper nutrition.
  • Carrying of all activities necessary for implantation of the above program arranging means of education.
  • To arrange timely help for the family members of the villagers
  • To aid the development program of the Panchyati Raj & Government in its projects.
  • To take such steps as necessary for achieving the objectives i.e. raise funds and subscription.
  • This association will run on no profit a loss basis. Any profit if arises will used for the weaker section of the society.

How you can help us

Just call at (91) 981 619 9120 to make a donation