Watershed Development Project Sidhchaler
Watershed development project Sidhchaler was sanctioned by the NABARD in the year 2010-11, for 1138 hectare of land in Vilages Mohal, Khariyali of Sidhchaler Panchyat and Khebat Behar, Shiv Pur, Mubarak Pur of MubarakPur Panchyat, Ganesh Nagar, Shankar Nagar of Bhanjal Panchyats in the District Una. Initially 56 hectare of land was selected in the village Mohal under community base planning (CBP) and this task was successfully completed in the month of October 2011. And after this 100 hectare of land was sanctioned under interim phase and sanctioned was also granted to prepare feasibility report for the remaining land. This program will not only cover around 1200 families but also provide financial input of around 50 lakh as a labor cost to the villagers who will participate in the work. Under this program farm bunding, contour, loose boulder structure, small gully plug and stone structure and agro forestry have been planned. In the final phase special input shall be provided for the women development. this program is being implemented by the “Watershed Committee” constituted among the villagers with the technical support from “Ankur” as implementing agency.
  The NABARD has sanctioned one 40 Vermi Compost unit under UPNRM project and this is the first program being sanctioned to any NGO under UPNRM.
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