Wadi (Orchard) Development under Tribal Development Fund
NABARD under Tribal Development fund help the tribal families in developing measures to generate income from their waste land resources or provide financial help by developing plan to undertake traditional activities to generate income. Under this program four village namely Suhin, Aloh, Dhar Gujjran and Basuni were selected as their tribal population was more than 50% or more. On initial PRA it was observed that out of the 220 families 70 families have no land to develop wadi to their support. So after long discussion it was decided to provide financial help equal to the amount of wadi and 33% subsidy under Dood Ganga Scheme to develop dairy for income generation. This program was sanctioned only in the month of 22 March 2012 but association did tremendous effort to provide loan to these families before the 31.3.2012 so that they can avail subsidy during this financial year. In the remaining 150 families it is plan to develop wadi by providing Mango, Kinoo, Citrus seedling in one and half acre of land. Under this program financial help equal to 26300/- in the form of seedling, fertilizers, labor, irrigation and soil conservation would be provided. This program will last for 5 years and the association shall be with the families during this period and provide only technical inputs like training but also help in health management and women development. Special provision has been kept in the budget for these activities. Then this program shall be handed over to the association of the tribal families by providing technical training, arranging market for their product and developing cooperative societies of the milk producers. Total outlay of budget per family is around Rs. 45000/-
  The NABARD has sanctioned one 40 Vermi Compost unit under UPNRM project and this is the first program being sanctioned to any NGO under UPNRM.
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