Productivity enhancement program in Lead Crops in the Deoli Cluster
The traditional agrarian practices of the farmers are not earning enough money for the farmers to cover its agriculture expenditure and that is resulting in barren field and more and more farmers are opting themselves out of the agriculture activities. Lack of seed replacement, pest and non irrigation faculties are making things worse. To cover these all aspect and to change the farmers practices into a earning proposition the productivity enhancement program is the only way and NABARD is financially supporting this program to help the farmers in increasing their productivity at low cost by practicing modern techniques, such as SWI, SCI, SRI, of agriculture. Under this program one cluster comprising of five villages namely, Deoli, Ghanari, Nangal Jariyala, Amboa, Mawakohlan were selected to enhance the productivity in 4 lead corps wheat, maize, pulses and potato. Under this 1038 hectare of land 2945 farmers under agriculture production has been selected. And it is propose to help the farmers in seed replacement by development seed production. In the 1st faze 79 farmers covering 16 hectare of land motivated to produce quality wheat for seed. 200 soil samples were collected and farmers were given on the field training in pest management, irrigation, harvesting. In the coming season it is propose to cover 1000 farmers under maize and pulses production. All the farmers shall also be covered under group insurance and incentive shall be given to develop sprinkler system in their field. To implement this program help of all the farmers clubs, organized in these villages is being taken and one cluster development committee at cluster level have been organized to coordinate the work. Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK), Una, Department of Agriculture are main technical resource for this program.
  The NABARD has sanctioned one 40 Vermi Compost unit under UPNRM project and this is the first program being sanctioned to any NGO under UPNRM.
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