Farmers Club
To help the farmers in discuss their problems on a common plat form and make use of official machinery and resources available for their use, organization of “Farmers club” is the best option. To organize and run these farmers club support of the local NGO and bank is provided. The Ankur is also facilitating in 110 such Farmers Club, with the financial help of the NABARD. All these farmers club were constituted in 60 villages of Amb, Gagret and Haroli Block of district Una (HP) and 50 farmers clubs in the Tissa block of Chamba District. All these farmers have been registered by the NABARD and their saving account, to get financial help from NANARD, have been opened. Out of 60 farmers club 35 farmers have been formally launched in their villages. Regular interaction with the farmers club by the NGO and their meeting with the concern authorities is being organized at regular intervals. These farmers club have become a main plat form for the farmers to raise their voice and get their dues.
  The NABARD has sanctioned one 40 Vermi Compost unit under UPNRM project and this is the first program being sanctioned to any NGO under UPNRM.
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